Deacon of Death

Fred Rosen returns for this interview with True Murder’s Dan Zupansky. Rosen is a character! We first heard Zupansky interview him about the “Lobster Boy” murder. [It’s even stranger than you think!] What makes Rosen a good guest is how much he goes off topic. Just as you are about to learn a little too much about the author, he steers the conversation back to true crime. This interview is like a rickety wooden roller coaster that puts you ill at ease until you come rushing safely back to the start.

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This recent episode is about the incredible double life lead by Baptist Deacon Sam Smithers. How can a loving father and husband be the same man who is a brutal killer of prostitutes? How can one man be so different? To quote the author, “When a devilish deacon’s secrets are discovered, it’s revealed that a man who was holier than thou was also guilty as sin…”

Episode 112, Season 8

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