Top Three “True Murder” Episodes 2018 (So Far)

Here’s our pick for the top three episodes of True Murder so far this year. Look for our other top picks in future posts!

Burned – Frank C. Girardot, Jr.

Season 8, Episode 105

This episode is as insane as it is true. A firefighter with a passion for control and harming others decides to set many arson fires. One of his largest creations killed four innocent shoppers at a hardware store. He is caught by an intrepid fire inspector who notices a pattern when others in his profession are having conferences.

Hell’s Princess – Harold Schechter

Season 8, Episode 81

Belle Gunness lured men to their brutal death to her farm in Indiana. This podcast progresses like “American Gothic” taking a very, very bad turn. This sepia toned whodunit gives a look into a mad woman’s use of men’s loneliness and greed for her own murderous purpose.

Absolute Madness – Catherine Pelonero

Season 8, Episode 90

Here the more than bizarre story of serial murderer Joseph Christopher. The story begins, in a way, when the killer, white, tries to murder a fellow soldier who was black. While in jail, he hints that he has killed many more. Christopher was revealed to have murdered eighteen (!) strangers in cold blood on the streets of many of New York’s major cities.

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